Thistle Bees is located in Waipu; a beautiful Scottish settlement rich in history and rural life.

Thistle Bees first hive was a swarm caught by founder Iain Robertson.
Thistle Bees also contracts to larger bee businesses in a consultant/leadership role

Company: Celto Contracting Limited
Companies Reg #: 7149893
Qualified, Registered & Accredited Bee Keeper #: W0298

Landline: 09 889 0990
Email: bees@celto.co.nz

Iain Robertson - Operator

I am passionate about bees and their importance in the cycle of life.


  1. I am very happy with your pest control around our home and that you provided your beehives for our plant pollination,
    you are very passionate and knowledgeable about beekeeping and the well being of bees.

  2. Very good and efficient service. The honey is delectable !! A must eat!! ��

  3. Really happy with my Queen cells and prompt delivery :)


Appreciate your feedback. Thistle Bees.