Hive Sales

Beekeeper costs

To start beekeeping, you’ll need:
  • a protective suit (usually a one-piece that includes a veil)
  • gumboots, gloves, a smoker and hive tool
  • an initial hive with four boxes
  • a nucleus colony of bees with a new queen
  • Apiary Registration with AsureQuality Ltd.
You should be prepared to initially spend about $1000 setting up your first hive. Two hives will cost about $1650 to set up. It’s recommended that you start with two nucleus colonies as an insurance against one queen failing. If this happens you can unite the hives or swap broods between them.

Additional Services:

(includes travel)
  • Bee Keeping Training/Tuition: $50 +GST Per Hour
  • Disease and Health checks for first hive: $80 +GST 
  • Disease and Health checks per additional hive: $10 +GST 
  • OR Let Thistle Bees take care of everything - check out our Hive Rental Page


Thistle Bees

Iain Robertson
[Qualified | Registered | Accredited Bee Keeper]

Landline: 09 889 0990


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